Fantasy Art

All Creatures and Lore Have Been Created Entirely by Me...

The Ancient Tree Nymphs - These creatures differ slightly from their cousins the Wood Nymphs. They can uproot and re root when and wherever they please. This enables them to stay in one area for a great many years before uprooting to another location. Also unlike the Wood Nymphs, these beings are known to be extremely solitary and a bit of a nuisance to the forests that they inhabit. This is all because where ever they decide to root, they absorb most of the nutrients and water supply that that part of the earth provides. They will then move onto the next bit of oasis leaving the other helpless trees and plant life condemned to the fight for the scarce remains of his leftovers. When there is but one healthy tree amongst many lifeless trees, you can be sure that you are in the presence of a Tree Nymph.

The Slumbering Fox

The Male Wood Nymph -  Male Wood Nymphs are a lot less mischievous and mysterious than their female counterparts. They are mainly rulers and keepers of the forests they inhabit.  Wise and extremely valued by there wisdom, many desperate men who knew of the Male Wood Nymphs existence would seek them out for their secrets and council about anything unknown. However, these creatures being very partial to their own kind and the reputation they held did not give up their secrets and knowledge freely, instead they required knowledge for knowledge and if they were unsatisfied by the information exchanged, lets just say kindness and mercy were definitely not their trade.

The Ancient Lake Bed Water Nymph - Very mysterious and secluded beings, these creatures are quite different from their distant relatives the mermaid. Unlike the mermaids, they have the ability to surface out of the water whenever they please taking on any form they desire. However, if one were to step past the boundaries of lake, she would be stripped of her disguise and revealed of her true form. The Lake Bed Water Nymphs were extremely sought after for their precious stones, exquisite jewels and delicate scales. It is told that even great Kings and Queens alike would lust after them, decorating their crowns and adorning their cloaks with these precious stones. Water Nymph stones, also known as the "Golden Pearl", were told to have healing powers and were seen as some of the most beautiful stones on the earth. Their scales strong and light but beautiful and alluring could be fashioned into majestic armor or valued as prized jewels fit for royalty. Of course this is all if one could successfully find and capture one. Extremely cunning they could fortunately hide themselves and their treasures so flawlessly that only the few gifted could recognize their disguises. Others of the common races could be staring right at one and see nothing but an ordinary fish, or maybe a small toad, anything but what she really was. Water Nymphs also being referred to as "Pirate Demons"  were known to tempt unexpected merchants or travelers who would pass by, by taking on any form that the merchant might desire or lusted after, before robbing them of their fine jewels and valuable trades. 

The Female Wood Nymph - Extremely scarce and impeccably camouflaged, they will only be seen when so desired to be.  Their extreme cunning abilities give them their infinite reputation of mischievously leading wondering travelers in circles unaware for days before finally allowing them to reach their destination. The older the nymphs, male or female, the greater their branch-like-crown matures and grows from their head. Eventually as they age, the females become permanently rooted to the ground and begin what is known as "The Great Bloom".  Dropping little seedlings from their branches they will then give birth to the next group of forest wood nymphs. These creatures are known to live thousands of years before this great phenomenon occurs and once they have  successfully reproduced they will then go into a deep sleep, living as just a common tree until the end of their existence. You can be sure that most of the grandest trees we have today are the remains of the sleeping wood nymphs.

The Faceless - These beings abide mainly within the shadows of the forests and are very scarcely seen. You can find them by lonely waterfalls and forgotten streams. Like ghosts haunting their graves, Incessantly they look for their face in the reflection of the water, but never find it . It is said that once they were beautiful young women but consumed with their lust for more beauty, they were cursed faceless for all time. If one were to spot a face that pleases them, they will fatally apprehend the face, stealing it from the victim and wearing it as their own.