Fantasy Art

just a little bit of me

     Married to the love of my life and recently experiencing the joys of being a new mother, I am finding it increasingly more difficult to engage in my thoughts and imagination as I previously could. All of life’s diversions and interruptions caused me to temporarily lose focus on my passion for the arts and for a time, it was lost.  However, My husband being my biggest fan and supporter believed in my work so much that he encouraged me to begin again.

     By taking part in caring for our adorable son Titus and providing the means needed to pick up where I left off,  he has enabled me to now have the time and energy I require to completely get into my zone and portray the visions I conjure up in my head as I once could. I believe time is of the essence and every day is a new beginning and opportunity to share just a little bit more of who I am. Whether it be by my compositions of music or by intricate strokes on paper, they are all just a means for tangibly releasing my imagination to the fullest.

    As to where my imagination takes me, well, follow along closely and we can take that journey together. The ability to express my thoughts satisfactorily may require a new determination and diligence that I have never experienced in the past, but I think the commitment and determination as a result of working hard for what you are passionate about, is worth it all.

    Every day is a blessing and each breath a gift, enabling me the opportunity to inspire, create, love and be thankful. So I journey on in expressing my dreams of infinite faery realms accompanied by unexplored wonderlands and perhaps, just maybe, you will also get a glimpse of yours :) . 

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